31 oct – 1 nov : European Aviation Campaigners Conference

European Aviation Campaigners Conference –
JournĂ©e ConfĂ©rence AĂ©ronautique des associations citoyennes –
Congresdag van de Europese burgerverenigingen inzake Luchtverkeer

organized by UECNA (Union EuropĂ©enne Contre les Nuisances d’Avions)

Saturday 31st October (09.00-17.45) and Sunday 1st November (09.00-12.00)
A Bruxelles, te centrum-Brussel, in centre of Brussels

Info et rĂ©servations, info en plaatsbespreking, book a place or find out more details : email John Stewart – johnstewart2@btconnect.com

• All over Europe people are campaigning against the growth of aviation and the problems around airports. There are big concerns about climate change, noise and the destruction of communities.

• This conference is a chance to meet other campaigners, to find out what is happening in other parts of Europe, to share ideas and to make plans on how we can all work together.

The aim of the conference will be to allow as much discussion as possible. Although there will be some presentations, there will be no long speeches! It will be our chance to
share ideas with each other.

The Conference will largely be in
English but with French translations.
Het congres zal voornamelijk in het Engels gevoerd worden, met soms vertaling in het Frans. Het UECNA is een onafhankelijke Europese vereniging met beperkte middelen, waardoor geen Nederlandse vertaling voorzien is. onze excuses hiervoor.