Courriel Ă  Bart de Wever du 12 juillet 2017

Dear Mr. Dewever,
The Washington Post already hinted that Belgian Politics are getting close to Africa’s worst behaviors:
This morning, Ben Weyt’s went further down in madness by complaining that « The Brussels government wants to destroy jobs for Flemish and Brussels people » because of the strict application of Noise regulations over Brussels.
1. Mr. Weyts forgets that (i) Noise regulations – including the final regulations 5 to 10 dB stricter than the ones currently applied – were decided long before Brussels Airport was awarded its operating licence, and that (ii) licence terms require that the airport complies with the Noise regulations….  and licence compliance would now amount to job destructions ???
2. At a time when Mr. Geert Bourgeois is calling on Brussels inhabitants to start voting for the N-VA, Mr. Weyts treats all of us as second-class citizen: Pushing for the development of the airport « as is » because it benefits Flanders without minimizing pollution levels is nothing but a recipe for disaster.  
3. It’s indeed a no-brainer to move night cargo flights to better-fit runways, as DHL has already done everywhere else in Europe.  DHL has even thanked Coeur-Europe for the proposals we have made for Belgium:  what is Ben Weyts still waiting for ???     
4. Mr. Weyts is also suggesting that Brussels inhabitants should support more pollution per capita than Flemish people because of cash transferts between geographic entities… Is Ben Weyts forgetting that Brussels as an Independant State would add several billions euros to its coffers by directly taxing the salaries of Flemish commuters working in Brussels ???
May be it is time for Mr. Weyts to cool down or step down. We already got too many crazy people around in our small country.
Sincerely Your’s
Jean-Noel Lebrun
Speaker, Coeur-Europe