Warning to Ryanair

Un courriel de Comité Huart-Hamoir
16 octobre 2016
Dear Mr. O’Leary
We have learned through the press that you are planning for 2017 « your widest summer program for Brussels », serving « eight new destinations, four of them from Zaventem ». 
We believe you should be fully aware that Brussels National (indeed a Flemish airport located next to French-speaking communities) is the source of recurring conflicts for over a million people living around Brussels densely populated area.
These acute conflicts have already led to multiple minister resignations, governmental crises, civilian actions, and even criminal lawsuits.  If not carefully managed, RyanAir image may end-up implicated by these issues.
Therefore, we would be particularly thankful if you could instruct your pilots taking-off from Brussels Airport to be particularly sensitive to environmental issues and to limit their aircraft speed to 190 mph until they reach 5,000 feet.
We would also suggest that you take preventive action and contact Belgocontrol (the belgian air navigation authority) and the Belgian Mobility Federal Minister  (Mr. François Bellot) to ensure that your new flights can avoid densely populated areas around Brussels.
To be specific, the Article 3 of the September 25th 2003 Royal Decree requires the Minister to apply the Balanced Approach at Brussels National.  European Regulation 598/2014 also states that the objective of the Balanced Approach is to minimize aircraft noise pollution around airports.
Very Best Regards,
The Brussels’ committees against overflight