Courriel du 10 aoĂ»t d’un habitant du Centre Ville de Bruxelles

I want to share my appreciation with you for the big effort you are pouring in an important cause.

I live in the centre of Brussels and I am affected by the route du canal.

All the motivations are right and I hope changes can be noticed soon.

I was reading your article

and it’s a great news that finally the Bruxelles government is taking action against the federal one.

However I am very skeptical about succeeding. Reason is that even the current no-flight time limit 23H-6H is not respected.

Especially during weekends (it seems made on purpose) many flights concentrate around 6H and 23H.

It’s actually very common to have flights after 23H. Last night, August 09th last flight was at 00:19.

It happens quite often to have flights at 3am or 5am.

I am so frustrated that I am ready to move out.

Kind regards

M. de Bruxelles 1000

FYI you can find several video about flights over Brussels here: